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SPCC Elders Meetings Start Again
October 16, 2014
(L to R) CSKT Chief of Police Craige Couture accepts the award on behalf of T.J. Haynes, CSKT Police Officer; Don Bell, CSKT Police Officer; Katrina Baltz, Lake County dispatcher; and Christine Trogden, Lake County dispatcher. Haynes and Green were not able to make the meeting. (Courtesy photo)
Valley Creek resident and Salish Elder Louie Adams comments on an issue. (B.L. Azure photo)


Justice Court Judge Joey Jayne up for re-election September 11, 2014

Combat veteran James Knapp's path leads home October 16, 2014


Many gather for the People’s Center Dry Meat Social October 16, 2014

Community Strong shows its strength at quarterly meeting October 16, 2014

This week in Tribal History August 21, 2014

  Tribal Council

Tribal Council District Meetings announced October 9, 2014

  Election Season

Absentee ballots and late Voter Registration is right now October 16, 2014

LR-126: Helpful election tool or voter suppression technique? October 16, 2014


THD Health Care Summit brings major players to table October 16, 2014

Dr. LeeAnna Muzquiz honored at Montana State University, recognized by University of Washington October 16, 2014

  Natural Resources

2014 Fall Mack Days numbers behind last year October 16, 2014


Filmmaker to show documentary at SKC on October 21 August 21, 2014

Learn Joyful Connections with your family Oct. 24 June 26, 2014

Deadline extended for FLIC submissions September 25, 2014


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UPDATED August 12, 2014

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Report on the Proposed Water Rights Compact has been released by the Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission. Download it by clicking here. (2.7 MB)

Read about the Land Buy-Back program.

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