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The Ghost Candidate

By Mark L Wicks
Montana Libertarian candidate for Congress

Hey! Can anyone hear me? That’s what I feel like as a third party candidate. When I accepted the Libertarian Party nomination I knew I had an uphill battle and getting my name and ideas out would be hard, but what I didn’t expect was to be banished to the fifth dimension. What I mean by that is, I feel like a ghost that walks among everyone but when I talk no one hears or sees me. Its like I’m in a parallel world, where the candidate without millions of dollars is sent to purgatory to wait out the election.

My opponents are careful to not mention my name or give any indication that I exist. Which is good in one respect because the imported media hit teams ignore me and I don’t have to endure the mudslinging. So the R&D candidates pretend I don’t exist hoping that people don’t get curious about me and find out what my platform is and support me.

The Republican and Democrat advisors constantly warn the candidates, “Don’t debate Wicks. Don’t mention his name. If you legitimize him he’ll suck votes off you like a Hoover vacuum.” So they avoid debates like their political life depends on it, and I’m left feeling like a ghost in this election.

They also employ a second strategy of demonizing their major opponent building up a manufactured façade of impending doom if that candidate is elected. They haven’t done their job correctly if a voter feels like they can vote their conscience. The voter must feel like there is only one candidate that can stop the end of democracy as we know it. Grandma will die if they don’t vote correctly! Her life is in the balance, it must be true, all the TV ads have proclaimed her impending death if this election is lost to anyone but the chosen one from their party.

It’s very frustrating for me, and I know the voters are fed up too. Neither party has won the seat and already they are suppressing the choices of the voters of Montana. I suppose it is good practice for other two candidates to learn to ignore our voices now so when they start taking their orders from the Washington elite they it will be old hands at ignoring Montana.

If you want to have a real choice make sure to contact Rob Quist and Greg Gianforte and demand that they debate before the election and include all candidates on the ballot. Montana deserves to hear what every candidate has to say, so Montana can make an informed decision.       Don’t let the Republicans and Democrats take away your choice.

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