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Arlee Seniors continue to be busy

From the Arlee Senior Citizens Center

ARLEE — Whew! Summer just flew by with the Jocko Valley full of sunshine and heat some days, and smoke and heat on others. We were blessed to receive a couple of beautiful rain showers that lifted our spirits. The many meals we share on M/W/F and every other Saturday bring this senior group closer in friendships. The memories of the loved ones we lost have warmed our hearts and bring conversations of what their contributions were in this Valley.

Arlee Seniors continue to host the Foot Clinic on the third Monday of the month, which we thoroughly enjoy! This last July we hosted the Red Cross Blood Drive, but due to lack of communication, it was short and sweet. Thanks to help from Anne’s grandson, Isaac, the carpets were cleaned and refreshed. We have a quilt raffle going on which was made by the Jocko Valley Quilters and donated. Many thanks for that! Tickets are $2/each, 3/$5, or 7/$10. Jocko Valley Quilters continuously donate their beautiful handiwork to many organizations of this Jocko Valley. Come join us for a lunch at 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and a bountiful dinner on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. We thank Kelly, our cook, for the delicious meals. Judi keeps our Center clean and well organized, as well as providing pretty flowers outside. Lilie continues to bring us fresh flowers for the tables, as well as her garden produce. Mr. Naugle weekly brings garden veggies to use. Bill and Bette keep our building in running order. We also thank Marvin Rehbein for the beef he has donated to us. And of course, all those who come and support us, share a meal always, we thank! Without generous people helping the Center, it would be hard to survive.

The September Menu is as follows: 9/6 Brats w/Onions, Coleslaw, fruit, dessert; 9/8 Cowboy Beans, Corn bread, veg tray; 9/9 Roast Beef, Potatoes &* Gravy, 3 Bean Salad, Melons,; 9/11 Mexi Tatertot Casserole, salad, fruit; 9/13 S&S Pork/Rice, Cheese/Veg Tray; 9/15 BBB Meatballs, Squash, Spinach Salad; 9/18 Biscuits & Gravy w/Sausage, Tomatoes,; 9/20 Chicken Alfredo, Salad; 9/2 French Dip, Salad; 9/23 Baked Ham, Chived Potatoes, Broccoli Salad; 9/25 Stroganoff w/Noodles, Salad; 9/27 Pork Fried Rice, Asian Salad, Egg Roll; 9/29 Hot Beef Sandwich, Potatoes & Gravy, Sliced Tomatoes. ALL MEALS are served with fruit and dessert. Coffee, tea, milk, and juices are served also.

Meals cost $4/over 60 and $5/under 60. On Saturday, add $1 to that!!! Bring your family, friends and neighbors. We also deliver meals.
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