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Tyrel Suzor-Hoy running for Montana Public Service Commission

By Tyrel Suzor-Hoy

I, Tyrel Suzor-Hoy, officially declare my candidacy for Montana Public Service Commission (PSC), District 5.

As a lifelong, fifth generation Montanan I have a deep love and admiration for this state. The blue skies and the clean waters are my personal version of heaven. This is why I am so devoted to protecting Montana’s best interests. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve this wonderful place. The people of this state are some of the best I’ve met in my entire life. I would be honored to be your next Public Service Commissioner.

As a result of the current commission’s short sighted decisions, spearheaded by Chairman Brad Johnson, Montana’s principal energy company has been recently downgraded to a “sell” rating. This reckless indifference to the free market system is the beginning of even worse price fluctuation than we have experienced in the last few years. This is an unacceptable hardship for Montana and the hard working people of this great state.

Without stability, Montana will be unable to join the rest of the nation in the implementation of innovative energy solutions and the profound job growth that accompanies the states bold enough to dream big. This is not the Montana we know and love; Montana is, and always has been, a cornerstone of the American Dream. I will do everything in my power, as Public Service Commissioner, to work through all ideas: promoting strength and integrity.

I will fix this broken commission by implementing new policies that will project Montana into the future of energy technology. I will work with both sides of the issues, guaranteeing that Montana is the best it can be.  Bringing new jobs while maintaining our vivid landscapes. Ensuring that no Montanan has to make the choice between their energy bill or their medication. Lowering your rates while maintaining the best service possible.

Hard work, integrity and no empty promises is what I bring to the table.

Please join me on this journey to a brighter and more prosperous future; for all Montanans not just a select few.

Thank you so much.

Tyrel Suzor-Hoy
Candidate for Public Service Commission District 5

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