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Ferry Basin Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) Boundaries modified

From CSKT Natural Resources Department

The boundaries of the Ferry Basin WMU were recently modified by Tribal Council action to assist in reducing elk depredation on adjacent private lands and to provide additional elk hunting opportunities for Tribal Members.  The modified Ferry Basin WMU boundaries are as follows:

A point beginning at Sloan’s Bridge, then west on the Ronan-Hot Springs Road until its junction with the Schmidt Lookout Road, then west on the Schmidt Lookout Road to Highway 382, then south on Highway 382 to the Flathead River, then east and north and along the southern and eastern bank of the Flathead River to Sloan’s Bridge, the point of origin.

 Montana state-owned lands within the Ferry Basin WMU are not included herein, and applicable elk hunting regulations for the Ferry Basin WMU will be in force. Elk hunting on the Tribal lands within the Ferry Basin WMU is open for harvest of antlerless elk (cows or calves) and spike elk only, but not branched antlered bull elk unless the hunter has a bull tag for those lands.  Fee lands within the above described area are not included in the proposed changes in the boundaries for the Ferry Basin WMU with regard to elk hunting regulations.  Elk hunting on those fee lands is governed by the Tribal general elk hunting regulations.

For more information regarding the Ferry Basin Wildlife Management Unit boundaries contact Dale Becker at 675-2700 ext. 7278 or by email at .
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