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Two Eagle River School releases booklet of student expression

From Two Eagle River School

PABLO — The TERS compiles and publishes a revealing booklet of photos, poems and self-expressions that represents the students and the heart of the school. The Bitterroot 2015 – 2017 is dedicated to both Ignacio Couture and in memoriam of Josiah Nichols.

This poem by a TERS student illustrates the important need the TERS School fills in the Tribal community. TERS provides an environment for change, personal growth and self-directed learning.

I Used to
By Stanley Alexander
I used to go to Ronan High School,
    But now I go to Two Eagle River.
I used to watch basketball,
    But now I play basketball.
I used to mess around in class,
    But now I take class seriously.
I used to be quiet,
    But now I know a lot of people.
I used to be lazy and sit at home,
    But now I am active and do sports.
I used to be disrespectful,
    But now I know how to treat others.

Copies of The Bitterroot 2015 – 2017 are available in the TERS office area free of charge. Stop by to get a copy. You will be surprised by the depth of creativity and honesty in the work of the students.

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