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Burial Benefits Reminder

From Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

By policy, all enrolled Tribal members are entitled to receive $5,000 in burial benefits, which is intended to help cover the costs of a funeral service and a wake or dinner. As prices have risen and the burial process through private companies has grown more complicated, some issues have emerged.

In the past several months, it has become more common for people to exceed the $5,000 benefit. When this happens, tribal members are confronted with large burial bills and funeral homes become frustrated, adding to an already sad and difficult process. Families that exceed the $5,000 benefit will be responsible for paying any uncovered costs.

Tribal Council is grateful that CSKT can supply burial benefits for all Tribal members. By keeping costs under control, this benefit will be there for future generations. For more information about burial benefits, contact Erma Haynes in the Enrollment Department at 406-675-2700, Ext. 1013, or by email,
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