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Brazelton Touchpoints Parenting Curriculum begins February 20

From CSKT Project LAUNCH

POLSON — CSKT Project LAUNCH is collaborating with staff From Fun & Fancy Free Learning Center to provide a 5-week opportunity in Touch Points Parenting on February 20, 27, March 6, 13 and 29 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. each night at the St. Joseph’s Grandview Clinic located at 1 14th Ave. West.

Childcare and Dinner will be provided; dinner is provided by Providence St. Joseph Medical Center

Module 1 Focus is on facilitating the parent’s development of a group agreement that will help create a feeling and sense of safety and trust. The focus of the module is to allow parents to share about themselves and their families. Share their joys and challenges in parenting each child and the introduction of Touchpoints and how you can nurture and care for children taking into consideration their child’s age, their developmental process and the Touchpoint they are experiencing

Module 2 Builds on the information shared in session 1 and the beginning of discovering how parents nurture their children in the context of families’ culture. We will review what a Touchpoint is and which Touchpoint their child is currently in. We will identify some of the parental Themes of Touchpoints and explore their child’s unique individual style and temperament. We will focus on the parent/child relationship considering the child’s temperament, the parent’s style and “goodness of fit”.

Module 3 We continue to build on information from the previous two sessions and explore about each families cultural practices.  The focus will be on the importance of culture, language and the impact of conversations with young children.

Module 4 We continue to build on information gathered previously. We will discuss children’s behavior and how that relates to which Touchpoint their child is in. We will explore how to keep children healthy and safe. Parents will explore what meaning they are making of the child’s behavior from their perspective and their child’s perspective. We will discuss expectations of children’s behavior and how we nurture and care for children within our families culture. We will identify some of the Parental Themes of Touchpoints.

Module 5 We will continue to build on information regarding behavior and safety in previous sessions. We will introduce discipline from a Touchpoints perspective. We will focus on social-emotional well-being, limit setting, self-regulation. We will ask parents to share their thoughts on discipline and well-being of their child.

Questions or to register call LAUNCH  675-2700, ext. 1340 Shyla or ext. 1152 Kim.
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