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Question of the Week

By Alyssa Kelly

What are your thoughts on eagles being found poached on the reservation?

Chad Eaton
“People that poach eagles or any animal, have no morals.”
Patty Stevens
James Bible
“Personally, whoever is poaching the eagles, are going to have bad medicine casted upon them. Someone, somewhere knows something.”
Kelly Rose Woodcock
Shane Sangrey
“Because our culture respects the spirit of the eagle, it is highly offensive knowing that people of any nationality would poach and market off an eagle.The eagle is sacred and a gift from Creator.”
Monique McDonald
Tracie McDonald
“Poaching alone is a selfish act but eagles are not only the national bird they are so special to our culture. There has to be something Fish and Game or even the average person could do to stop this. I feel like there is a loss of culture when an eagle is poached. It is very sad.”
Katie McDonald
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