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Ne Ya Alicin Crazy Boy-Antoine
PABLO — Eric Wright Crazy Boy and Jean Antoine II, of Pablo, are proud to announce the arrival of their first child, Ne Ya Alicin Crazy Boy-Antoine, who was born August 25 at St. Luke Community Hospital. Ne Ya weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz., and joins siblings Mary, Bobbi, Jared, Jacquelyn, Kelli and Jason.

Paternal grandparents are Gen Wright and Deanne Crazy Boy, of Great Falls; great-grandparents are Starr Crazy Boy and Margi Piapot, of Rocky Boy.

Maternal grandparents are Jimmy Antoine and Jeannie Irvine, of Ronan; great-grandparents are Frank Antoine and Susie Quequesah, of Ronan.

Aaliyah Marie Rose Pierre
POLSON — Oriana Marie Brooks-Pierre is proud to announce that her little sister, Aaliyah Marie Rose Pierre, was born September 4 at St. Luke Community Hospital. She weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. Parents are Isaac and Randi Pierre, of Polson.

Paternal grandparents are Sheila Pierre, of Tulaip, Washington, and Francis and the late John Pierre, of Polson; great-grandparent is Patrick Pierre.

Maternal grandparents are Cynthia and Pete Mitchell, of Polson.

Zander Gabriel Thomas Ouellette
POLSON — Zander Gabriel Thomas Ouellette was born August 21 at St. Luke Community Hospital. He weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. Parents are Gabriel Ouellette and Beverly Powell, of Polson.

Paternal grandparents are Gerry and Mary Ouellette, of Polson.

Maternal grandparents are Renee Joachim and Randy Ashley, of Pablo; great-grandparent is Ed Ivanoff, of St. Ignatius.