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Kootenai Culture Committee updated by departments
April 17, 2014
Snyelmn drum group listens quietly with attendees as CKST Tribal Council members share their ideas at the Spring Quarterly on Friday. (Ashley Upham photo)
Elders of the Kootenai Culture Committee listen to presentations from CSKT Departments and programs. On the right, Councilman Terry Pitts listens in. (Adriana Fehrs photo)


SOARS Seat belt survey reveals the need to buckle up on the Flathead Reservation April 17, 2014

SKC welding class certifies ten; class expected to return next fall April 17, 2014

Yaya's Trunk: stories from the past - Like Heck You Didn't April 17, 2014


Yellowstone bison opponents lose footing in brucellosis argument April 17, 2014

Big fish caught at 2014 Spring Mack Days April 17, 2014

Trumpeter swan shooting case goes to trial April 17, 2014


Health screenings are an important component of health management April 17, 2014

Health Screening Newborns April 17, 2014

Help prevent child abuse: Through the eyes of one child April 17, 2014

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Non-Eagle feather repositories receive grants from Fish & Wildlife Service April 17, 2014

Don't let wood ticks get under your skin April 17, 2014


Committee takes action on five bills to better support Indian Country April 17, 2014

Committee reviews challenges and opportunities for Native Children in public schools April 17, 2014

Be aware of utility company scam April 17, 2014


Public invited to celebrate Native heritage, culture during Annual Kyi-Yo Pow-Wow April 17, 2014

Largest Easter egg hunt in the region held at UM on April 19 April 17, 2014

Tribal member business owners meeting April 10, 2014

Mandatory orientation for CDL Class B and Class A trainings April 3, 2014

Traditional Native Games Certification Clinic set for April 25 - 27 April 3, 2014

Traditional Native Games Certification Clinic set for June 30 to July 2 April 3, 2014

Is OST Holding Money for You? February 13, 2014


New project to bring awareness to active military September 19, 2013


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